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VWCO was founded in 2018 as a new division of the Valk Welding Group that deals with the sales and integration of collaborative robots also called cobots. Valk Welding has obtained the distribution rights for the Benelux of the cobots from the manufacturer Techman Robot.

VWCO is now an independent mature division of the Valk Welding Group with its own facility in Alblasserdam. Here there is room for a demonstration room and a training centre, among other things. In addition, manufacturer Techman Robot has housed its European office in the same building, which ensures a strong connection between partner and supplier.

The cobots of Techman robot are unique in their kind because of the standard integrated vision system. Cobots are relatively inexpensive, can be used in a plug & produce way, have user-friendly programming and can be used without additional safety features. Cobots are increasingly being integrated in assembly lines, for machine loading and other applications.

With a strong bond with the Valk Welding Group, the integration of cobots with the welding robots of Valk Welding will certainly be strongly pursued. A number of concepts have already been designed for this purpose. This is an extra step in automation within the industrial sector.

Valk Welding develops and builds turnkey welding robot systems for small to medium production requirements and is your partner in all welding accessoiries.


Why the Techman cobots?
The collaborative robot, also called cobot, from the company Techman are characterized by their simple programming, innovative vision capabilities and their versatile applicability. In addition, the TM robots are equipped with safety measures that meet current standards. Unlike industrial robots, the TM robot can work together with people and alongside people without the need for additional safety measures.

Techman Robot was founded in 2012 by Taiwan-based Quanta Storage Inc. The brand name Techman consists of the words "Technology" and "Human," which perfectly explains the purpose of the Techman Robot. As the world moves to support Industry 4.0 and the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, the TM cobots focus on upgrading developments in automation.

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